Trends that would shape the real estate market in 2019

The real estate industry in India is developing at a fast rate especially in the past five years. There has been both growth and flux and the trend is expected to be the same in 2019. Some of the expected real estate trends in 2019 are as follows:

Co-working culture

Conventional office space is the latest and high demanding sector in the real estate industry. The concept has developed with about 200 players. There are a lot of benefits to choosing co-working space. One of the top benefits includes office space can be shared 24×7. It comes with chill zone, gaming area, café, conference rooms, WiFi, high-speed internet connection, private cabins, workstations and more. No matter, you are a person who works on a part-time basis or a freelancer, you can get the privacy and space you require as per your convenience. It also lets you manage your team members within the space. As there are several benefits of coworking culture, more and more small entrepreneurs and startups are choosing this instead of purchasing and furnishing the workspace.

Real Estate MarketCommercial real estate

The commercial sector is continuing to grow in India mainly because of investments by several foreign companies. Domestic and foreign companies continue to prefer India for investment. The skilled labor in India and business-friendly zones like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are best for large office spaces. The online business industry is also making excellent contributions to the real estate segment of India in the forthcoming years.
Online shopping is popular and more and more people are crazy towards it for various reasons. The new generation seems to be highly attracted to the online shopping trend. Numerous brands are launching their business on the internet on an everyday basis. It has resulted in increased demand for warehouses and logistics. Several popular online companies are focusing to develop traditional stores so as to accomplish a better shopping experience. All these factors boost the commercial real estate industry in India.

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