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Welcome to estatesalesvideos.com. Established in 2016, Estate Sales Videos aim to offer innovative, timely and accurate details about the real estate industry. We share the latest property information, investing tips, real estate advice, and trends in India. If you have plans to invest or sell your property, you would find our blogs useful. We are the leading source in reliable and in-depth facts on real estate. Read the top headlines and latest breaking news around India at estatesalesvideos.com.

Estate Sales Videos is a popular digital real estate magazine and portal which syndicates, distributes and publishes property market and real estate news, industry data, investment trends, reports, rates and market news on India. Our readers are major decision fabricators from real estate as well as real estate associated industries like leading construction companies, property development companies, estate agencies, surveying architecture, and ordinary readers who wish to obtain general information on home improvement, investment, and real estate. Our website has been ranked as top real estate magazine in India by Google and several other real estate companies.

Our company was established by a team of passionate real estate professionals. Our team has now developed to a large extent. We dominate Google for various search engine terms or keywords such as real estate magazine, real estate India, real estate news, etc. At present, we have more than 10,000 email subscribers and the number is growing every day.

It is important to remain updated about real estate trends. It is not easy to purchase a property or sell a property in India. You need to be aware of current trends and other legal issues when buying and selling a property. Most people step into real estate without much knowledge and feel disappointed when they make any bad real estate decisions. It is the reason you need to check property updates on a regular basis at real estate websites like estatesalesvideos.com.