Top developing trends to notice in Indian real estate

Virtual reality

The Indian real estate industry has obtained the Virtual Reality (VR) trend. It is estimated that in 2019 that this concept will pick up and develop for a positive reason. It permits purchasers to see, visualize an unbuilt or constructed property from any place. VR is an interactive method that permits homebuyers to develop their living spaces as well as help builders in offering tailor-made homes. It offers the best experience to potential purchasers who do not have an option to visit the project location.

Affordable housing

PMAY or Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is a government scheme. It has coupled with other schemes and has changed the supply and demand graph of affordable housing projects. As new players are focusing on this segment, there has been a large availability of reasonable units due to pressure. It has resulted in a large demand and supply gap.

More importance on tier-II cities

real estateRemote working options, availability of good projects, enriched infrastructure, affordability, and enhanced connectivity have resulted in a change of mind among investors. It has become common to purchase properties in tier-II cities. The homebuyers have clearly recognized that they can enjoy the same comfort and amenities by staying at tier-II cities. The best part is purchasing property in tier II cities is simple since it is easily available at a reasonable price. It is the reason more and more people are switching from metro properties to properties in tier-II cities.

Home automation

Another latest trend in the property development industry is automated homes. Their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are attracting the housing stream by storm. The next generation loves technology. The automation homes make sure to provide complete comfort and safety for homeowners. Home automation is elegant and intelligently designed to cater to the end user’s requirements.

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