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Ok, you just got your property license and you are all set! The issue is what to do now?The reason you turned to be a real estate agent is to be free. Free and liberated to manage your personal finances and proceed as you please.

All this independence is just the risk area for agents. The important thing you should recognize is that this isn’t employment, it is a company and you have to handle it well to get results. You have to begin with training. Usually you can be guided by your agent. Attending workshops and viewing instructional movies are useful. Your agent may have a sales coach who may advise you if you’re fortunate. It is difficult to understand everything in a week. You need to start somewhere, although in a company that’s continuously changing.

Another thought is the fact that you’re the brand new child on the block and nobody knows you. At least never as an agent. Among the cheapest types of marketing is a basic business card. The very first thing you need to do is purchase them. You wish to give them out to everyone you recognise. Give out 500 business cards within your first month of business. Give them to store-owners, relatives, associates and friends whom you patronize. You sell yourself within the community as an agent and may also have to do door-to- door. Convince them to contact you whenever they have some property to sell.

You would possibly have to use one -so, purchase a laptop. Start making a summary of individuals whom you know. You may wish to send an announcement notice out allowing them to realize that you’re currently selling property. Should you not do that, what’s likely to occur is the that someone you know may record their house with another broker available. And when you ask them, they’ll say “never realised you had been in the property business”. Don’t allow that to occur!

You’ll require a mobile phone. It is best to obtain a smartphone. I understand these gadgets cost cash. but remember it is not really a work, it’s really a company and you have to sell to stay afloat. You’ve to invest some cash in this venture. If you do the groundwork well, connect with people and quote good prices, then automatically business will come to you and you will flourish.

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