Latest real estate trends in 2019

For most of the aspiring homebuyers, 2019 is not going to be different from the previous years. The real estate prices will be stagnant and developers would endure concentrating on selling the existing projects instead of launching new projects. They also continue to deal with various regulatory changes like GST or goods and service tax and RERA or real estate regulation and development act of 2016. Some of the few changes we can expect are as follows:

Affordable housing

Affordable housing has become a popular concept in the last few years. It has boosted real estate transactions. The trend will continue in 2019 at a great level. Both from the supply and demand side, there seems to be a good response to the affordable housing sector. It makes us believe that it is the key motivator for the residential department in future years.


Real EstateThough co-living is not a fresh concept, it has got its reputation recently. Most young professionals and students are willing to share an apartment or house along with other professionals or students. Several privately functioned lodges and hostels function on the traditional concept- co-living.
While it is seen for several years, at present, the trend is getting organized. It is more than a simple breakfast and bed deal. There are several private bedrooms along with common shared spaces like the living room and kitchen. Such spaces remain convenient and offer a new lifestyle for students and young professionals.
Co-living options are mostly seen in top metro cities like Pune, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bengaluru which started to develop this concept. The demand is increasing day by day and it has chances to develop in tier-II cities such as Lucknow and Jaipur due to the demand from students and working millennials.

Co-working spaces

It is another popular trend adopted by the majority of startups and small business owners. It has witnessed a lot of accessibility and traction since the last decade.

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